A Guide to End-to-End Xhaul and C-RAN Service Assurance

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With the continuing rollout of NFV and the imminent deployment of 5G technology, mobile networks are evolving to become dynamic, hybrid (physical and virtualized) networks, operating within a complex digital ecosystem.

MNOs need to assure both end-to-end fronthaul and backhaul performance in real-time, in an integrated manner, across different network domains and across different network layers. MNOs must also assure their networks for resilience, and scalability by evolving their network performance systems to become more open, flexible, ecosystem-friendly, and to offer greater agility – and to unlock the potential of the NaaS.

Read our new White Paper to discover:

  • Why extending service assurance to the transport network is critical
  • The importance of QoS in IP/Ethernet transport
  • The challenges of NFV/SDN and emerging 5G
  • How network-slicing will support industry verticals
  • How to manage Xhaul performance
  • Why open APIs matter
  • The business benefits of an integrated Xhaul and C-RAN service assurance solution

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