Cityscapes HD – Delivering Accuracy “Out of the Box”

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Advanced wireless technologies continue to be deployed around the world to enhance data throughput on limited spectrum.

The requirement for network design and optimization software to accurately model complex technologies and environments has never been greater.

While advances continue in network design and optimization software like Mentum Planet, the critical geodata input used within them has remained largely the same.

InfoVista’s innovative new Cityscapes HD Geodata, which delivers variable height attributes to a clutter layer that has historically had a single assigned value, can dramatically assist wireless operators in their rollout of 3G and LTE networks.

Untuned Cityscapes HD data provides comparable results to tuned 2D medium-resolution data providing a dramatic reduction in drive-test expenditures and related tuning efforts. Accuracy “out of the box,” combined with an attractive pricing model makes Cityscapes HD a compelling value for metropolitan areas.

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