The Application Aware SD-WAN Is a Key Enabler of the Digital Enterprise

Secure business agility with dynamic IT in the digital era

With increased competition and disruption, digital innovation is essential. It requires agility, so that companies can create new products and services, and transform business operations. With digital innovation, organizations can generate more revenue, reduce costs and achieve new efficiencies, securing sustainable competitive advantage.

Today’s complex networks impede agility and slow response times. Recent research shows that it can take an average of four months to deploy new enterprise network services. A new network strategy is required to leverage the potential of digital transformation.

Dynamic IT and SD-WAN is the answer. It reduces network complexity, increases uptime and optimizes application performance. Download a new White Paper from ZK Research to understand:

  • Why agility is essential in the digital era
  • Limitations of legacy WAN architectures
  • Why implementing SD-WAN is a key business priority
  • The benefits of SD-WAN
  • How to deliver the best user experience
  • How to automate network configuration

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The Application Aware Network

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Learn how Ipanema, InfoVista's Application Aware SD-WAN helps CIOs to orchestrate the performance and user experience of any application, dynamically and in real-time, on small to very large networks, and in full alignment with business priorities.

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