The Antifragile Telco: Assuring the Virtualized Network

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Can telecom networks be made anti-fragile, as opposed to simply robust or resilient? This paper explores the role of service assurance in making virtualized networks anti-fragile.

The authors investigate the challenges that NFV poses to service assurance and consider what users want from a service assurance solution. They also discuss how CSPs plan to address NFV assurance and the key success factors required for assuring QoS in a virtualized and dynamic network.

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • How and why does Service Assurance complement Orchestration?
  • Which types of Network Function will be virtualized and when?
  • What Service Assurance capabilities do CSPs value the most?
  • Which type of APIs are required to ensure a successful transition to virtual networks ?


Application Enhanced vCPE based Customer Reporting - From SLAs to SD-WAN

In this video, CSPs will learn how InfoVista can help them to address their entire customer base from SLAs with performance visibility through to monetizable application performance assurance and SD-WAN, by fully assuring their vCPE-based network services in real-time with everything their customers require.


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