Carrier Ethernet Service Assurance & Customer Reporting Pay Off for XO Communications

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As one of the largest communications service providers in the United States, XO Communications serves businesses, large enterprises and other telecommunications companies across more than 50 countries – all of which expect meaningful, easy-to-interpret reporting for their customers.

To get there, XO staff deployed a single, highly-configurable Carrier Ethernet service assurance platform that XO’s network engineering, network operations and management teams can query when needed for network performance management, capacity planning, proactive troubleshooting, as well as SLA management. Using MEF-compliant customer reporting, XO extends that value all the way to their enterprise customers.

In this video, John Caskey, technical staff for XO Communications, explains why, in choosing InfoVista's service assurance platform, XO has saved itself "a lot of late nights" and is now using "one of the best" systems he's seen. He discusses how InfoVista has helped XO accelerate time-to-market, improve alignment with market demands, increase customer intimacy and develop a more professional look to its SLA reporting.

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