As Mobile Network Technologies and Subscriber Demands Evolve, so Must Your Network Testing

Discover how TEMS™ has evolved to help you

Now mobile operators can deploy reliable, high-performing network technologies, services, and improvements, and maintain optimal competitive network performance & subscriber experience, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before!

How? By equipping network engineering operations with streamlined centrally-managed and automated network testing solutions that deliver more real-time quality of service and experience insights from across the network.

TEMS Paragon TEMS Voyager
TEMS Sense
TEMS Director

Achieve the Operational Advantages

The evolution of InfoVista’s TEMS portfolio of network testing and measurement solutions delivers many operational advantages to mobile operators, including:

  • Increased QoS & QoE actionable insights
  • Expanded large-scale wide-area testing & monitoring
  • Faster gap analysis and network improvements
  • Quicker issue identification and resolution
  • More efficient processes and use of engineering personnel

Experience the Business Results

By maximizing network testing scope and resources, and optimizing network testing processes and operations, mobile operators can realize positive impacts to top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability, including:

  • Improved customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Increased ARPU from higher usage and more plan upgrades
  • Increased new subscriber growth and customer lifetime value
  • Reduced churn due to better overall network experience
  • Decreased OPEX due to better management of human resources

The Mobile Network Evolution Is Underway! Are You Ready?
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Fully Automated Solution for Service Quality Monitoring

TEMS Director and TEMS Sense

TEMS Sense Software

  • Industry-leading software for collecting and measuring QoS and QoE data from a user point of view – Compliant with ITU-T and ETSI standards
  • Voice & Messaging: Voice calls (CSD & VoIP); voice quality (PESQ & POLQA); VoLTE; Call Forwarding; Call Waiting; Call Holding; SMS Send; SMS Receive; and more
  • Data: FTP; HTTP; Ping; DNS lookup; connection time; throughput; DL/UL time; Web browsing; Web 2.0; IP testing; mobile broadband; video streaming (e.g. YouTube); video quality mean opinion score (VMOS); Video Ping (VPING); mobile TV; and more
  • OTT Applications: Email; Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube

TEMS Remote Probe

  • TEMS Remote probe with factory-installed consumer Android smartphone
  • Compact hardware design with ABS thermoplastic and polycarbonate protective housing
  • Mountable on a wall or other secure location with a reliable signal

TEMS Director

  • Remote over-the-air software administration, with intuitive interface for writing test scripts and creating work orders
  • Standard dashboards feature in TEMS Director Fleet for results from one or more probes
  • Analytics dashboards for enhanced post-processing and presentation of results
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Read our article "The Evolution of the TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio" to learn more.

Read our article "The Evolution of the TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio" to learn more.

NT Article

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