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More than Ever Before, Accuracy Matters

Some question the requirement for RF planning software of 5G networks given the wealth of information collected and obtained from existing networks. However, 5G employs such dramatically new technologies like massive MIMO and flexible numerology, as well as the use of very high frequencies that the need for RF planning is once again great. However, not all planning software are up to the challenge. Meet Planet 7 – the only 5G-ready RF planning solution.

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Planet 7: Realize the Potential of 5G NR with Accurate RF Planning

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Benefit from the Operator-validated 5G Analysis Capabilities of Planet 7

Preparing for a 5G Future
RF Planning of Millimeter Wave Frequencies for RAN Evolution

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“We have been working closely with leading equipment vendors and operators in trials to address their RF planning challenges for 5G New RAN (5G NR).”

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Key RF Planning Considerations for 5G

Accurately Model mmWave

  • Planet 3D Model – accurately simulates mmWaves up to 60 GHz
  • High-resolution building and 3D vegetation models


Support Flexible Numerology

  • Simulate different numerologies for coverage and throughput
  • Model the effects of slot duration


Simulate Massive MIMO

  • Simulate beamforming and beam-switching antennas (in 3D)
  • Modeling MU-MIMO and SU-MIMO


Use Cases with Planet 7

Evaluate 5G Spectrum Options

Assess different frequency options based on equipment availability and propagation characteristics.

5G RAN Dimensioning

Plan the 5G radio overlay and provide accurate perspective on CAPEX investment.

Where to Deploy Massive MIMO?

This technology is key to realize 5G’s potential, but where and how should it be used in the network?


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