IVR Best Practice: from DTMF to Conversational AI.

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Contact center triaging and routing is critical to understanding customer needs and matching them with the most qualified human or virtual assistance. Yet, IVR's reputation is generally negative. From the frustration of a complex DTMF menu to a natural language interface that refuses to recognize what you say. Will customers remember their service interaction as fast and frictionless or a journey of aggravation and repetition?

The latest best practice combines functional reliability and dialogue effectiveness. As a result, teamwork focused on these complementary skills is now a priority because organizations must evolve their triaging and routing to align with fast-changing customer needs. Such as the rise in digital lifestyles and surges in demand caused by external factors and the emerging cost of living crisis. Customer vulnerability is, therefore, now a leadership priority.

Together they demand a coordinated approach to design and testing.

Martin Hill-Wilson moderates a roundtable discussion that brings together the latest best practices from industry experts in contact center testing: Mark Kowal, Product Marketing Director at Hammer and in conversational design with Hans Van Dam, CEO at Conversation Design Institute, exploring how these skillsets can start working together under the common objective of enabling fast and frictionless access to customer outcomes.

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The Speakers

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Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Consulting
Hans Van Dam
Conversation Design Institute
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Mark Kowal
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Who should watch
- Contact center leadership
- IVR engineers
- Conversation designers

Tasked with:

- Creating IVRs
- Making a well-designed experience that operates as intended
- Ensuring the quality of CX flows through your contact centers

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