Assuring Application Delivery through Real-time Performance Management

5View Applications Data Sheet

Managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprise IT departments responsible for ensuring high performing applications need immediate and detailed information into how business-critical applications are behaving as they traverse the IP network—from centrally located and virtualized data centers out to globally distributed sites and users.

While NetFlow monitoring provides one level of visibility into application traffic, a view into the measures that aid in understanding the end-user experience will provide operations staff with a deeper application performance management perspective, that looks beyond the IP header into the payload to calculate quality of experience (QoE) metrics, such as application response time, should be deployed.

5View Applications provides managed service providers and enterprise IT organizations with DPI-based, real-time application performance monitoring including traffic, usage, application response time and other detailed metrics, to continuously track and analyze application quality and assure consistent application performance across the entire infrastructure.

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