Solving the Top Challenges of Your Digital Transformation Journey

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A recently completed study by EIQ Research(*) and InfoVista found that while the top two business challenges enterprises face on their digital transformation journey are business agility and cloud migration, they almost universally believe their WANs cannot currently meet those demands.


74% retailers cite the network as an impediment to an effective customer journey


70% manufacturers are unable to provide an effective user experience


50% financial institutions are restrained by network capacity

Integrating digital convergence along with network optimization and excellence across your customer journey are key ingredients to drive effective business performance in the digital enterprise. While each industry identified unique challenges, two capabilities were highlighted as priorities to address digital transformation: visibility and optimization of network capacity. These two capabilities are inherent to InfoVista's application aware SD-WAN which enables organizations to deliver business priorities based application performance over the network.

Download our eBook about how retail, manufacturing and financial services address and prioritize these two key capabilities to reflect their specific application performance priorities.

You can also view the infographic and watch the video to see how each industry is tackling these challenges.

(*) The study was conducted across retail, manufacturing and financial services industries in North America and Europe.

Foundation for Digital Transformation

Optimized user experience and application performance

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Watch this video to see how each industry is tackling these challenges.


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Retail Digital Transformation with SD-WAN

In the Digital Economy, Stores are
Not Going Away

In-store Customer Experience is


EIQ research revealed that while consumer industries pay attention to digital transformation initiatives, they need to place equal importance on backend processes and tools to support digital transformation.

These processes and tools include network readiness, cloud migration and information security. Key among all areas is the need to optimize the user experience for employees and customers.

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InfoVista’s Application Aware SD-WAN

InfoVista’s Application Aware SD-WAN ensure critical applications for the in-store experience & store operations are delivered with the most robust performance, reliability & agility – enabling higher conversion rates, empowered associates and operational efficiency.


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