New Application Aware Networking Webinar Series

Software-defined and application aware networking - Key enablers for an agile, digital enterprise

Digital business transformation is well underway and networks are under ever increasing pressure from demanding users that consistently expect top-quality application performance from each internal or cloud-based application on every network they use.

Ipanema, InfoVista’s automated and fully integrated Application Aware SD-WAN solution helps CIOs to meet these users' expectations in full alignment with business priorities, while reducing telecom costs by a factor of 2 to 4, regardless of the IT complexity. It is designed to orchestrate the performance and user experience of any application, over any network, aligned with your business priorities, all in real-time.

Watch our on-demand Application Aware Networking webinar series and our demos to learn more about software-defined and application aware networking, and how Ipanema can help you to ensure flawless user experience as part of the digital transformation of your business, whatever the number of users, sites, telecom providers, applications or devices:

  • Discover Application Aware Networking for the Application Era, featuring Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst and founder of ZK Research,
  • Maximize business application performance by easily deploying a top-performing Hybrid WAN
  • Optimize the end user experience for Microsoft Office 365
  • Protect Microsoft Skype for Business calls and accelerate users’ adoption

Application Aware

Webinar Series

from the Worldwide Leader in Application Performance Orchestration

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The Application-Aware SD-WAN enables you to:

Maximize the User Experience of all business applications from the data center and the cloud

Holistically orchestrate your network and applications - on premises or in the cloud - for complex Hybrid WANs

Manage applications with Business-driven performance objectives on premises or in the cloud


How To Guarantee Your Application Performance over Any WAN Network

Learn how Ipanema, InfoVista's Application Aware SD-WAN helps CIOs to orchestrate the performance and user experience of any application, dynamically and in real-time, on small to very large networks, and in full alignment with business priorities.

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